Most Common Gluten Sensitivity Symptoms

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Could you be sensitive to gluten? Around 90% of those with this sensitivity do not know they have it, despite the many gluten sensitivity symptoms they regularly experience. The most common signs of a gluten sensitivity are listed below. Pay attention to these signs and take action if you suspect that you may have a gluten sensitivity.

Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain can be caused by dozens of different culprits.  It also happens to be the biggest complaint from those suffering from gluten sensitivity. If you experience abdominal pain with other symptoms, you should further investigate the possibility of a sensitivity to gluten.


If you feel swollen or gassy after eating, you are bloated. It is much worse than it sounds. Many people who experience bloating can tell you firsthand just how miserable it causes them to feel. Although there are a variety of concerns that cause bloating, a gluten sensitivity is one.

Skin Trouble

Blistering skin is one of the many skin troubles that can be caused by a gluten sensitivity. If you have skin problems or your kin doesn’t look as beautiful as it did at one time, have you considered that you might be sensitive to gluten? These skin conditions are usually signs of Celiac Disease onset. Do not wait to visit a doctor if you endure skin issues and other signs of gluten sensitivity.


Occasional diarrhea is normal and likely the result of something that you’ve consumed or drank a day prior. Most people will experience this now and again. When it occurs regularly, however, there could be a problem that you should address. But, it is also a symptom that gluten intolerance is a concern in your life and a concern that you should address. Celiac disease is one of the common reasons that people experience diarrhea.


gluten sensitivity symptoms

If you’ve ever experienced a migraine, you know how excruciating that it can be. A headache is bad, but a migraine is horrendous. These headaches can impede on the day and make it hard to get done the things that you need to accomplish. Although there are a variety of issues that cause migraine headaches, gluten sensitivity is on that list. Studies show that people with gluten sensitivity are more prone to migraines, so it is worth scheduling a doctor visit if the symptoms are present.